6881A72F-AE5E-4898-8E36-E900F32F7DCFI set up this blog in conjunction with my Facebook page because I seem to always have little rants in my head about so many things to do with my work in general or things that I have learnt, seen, listened to or have just made me want to share for no particular reason!

I am a mother and wife most importantly then sister, auntie, daughter, niece, friend, yogi, professional (apparently!) and do a lot of adulting although never feel like the adulty adult. I love our Pug, Bentley boo boo and as you can see in the picture he tirelously helps out by looking cute and making me feel better because he is amazing at listening and never complains!

I have a day job supporting young people and started #daisydoesnt after several friends asked my advice about their daughters and various worries about how they were managing their mental health and wellbeing. I did some one to one sessions with them and they seemed to really engage with what we did and flourished with their new found information and tools with how they can manage their own emotions and feel more positive about themselves and the decision’s they were making. Knowledge is power people!

So everyone was telling me how valuable the work I was doing was and so I branched out a little further and helped a few more people. I have offered either one to one sessions or workshop style events giving people the opportunity to try some of the activities that I offer to show what I do. And that is really it.

To be honest, this is just the start of my amazing journey and I’m just seeing where things take me. I’m a great believer in fate, what will be will be, and if I can help a few people on the way, well, that’s a bonus! ❤️