My happy place ❤️

So I’m writing this in my happy place. It’s difficult to describe exactly why it is my happy place but this is exactly why it is my happy place. Sounds confusing I know but I will try to explain and also why I feel happy places and the like are so important for your personal emotional health and wellbeing.

My definition of a happy place is a place that you could sit for hours and just be. A place that makes you feel calm and at one with yourself just by being there. To other people it’s just a place but for you, you feel like you have a connection to it. This is the bit I can’t really explain. It’s a feeling deep inside that makes you feel safe and at home there, kind of warm and fuzzy! I can have a really terrible day and just go and sit there and everything seems alright again. Like a hug from the universe.

Because I’m a bit of a hippy I also love the feeling of being in awe. I read a really interesting article the other day about the importance of adults being in awe and the positive impact it has on our mental health. I’m a great believer in this. I love being in awe of the biggest things like landscapes I see as I go about my life or the littlest things like the tiniest flower growing in the strangest of places. Anyone who follows me on Facebook will know because I generally like to share my awe moments for everyone to enjoy too.

Once you start looking for these awe moments you can’t stop. It’s quite addictive because they make you feel alive, be in the moment and be part of something bigger than you. The world is a beautiful and amazing place, be in awe of it.

It’s not surprising that just this feeling can have such a positive impact. It connects you, grounds you and for all those people who say they cannot get to grips with all this mindfulness stuff, it does just that. It brings you to the present moment, makes you forget all of your worries and monkey brain shenanigans for just a brief period of time. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t mean you have to find an hour of your day to meditate, which would be great but maybe one day! It’s just what it is and has a positive impact on your brain no matter how long it lasts and that is fabulous.

I know how difficult it is to find time for ‘you’ and this is why happy places and those awe moments have so much meaning. You don’t have to rely on any one else for them, they generally don’t cost a fortune and no one needs to know! They genuinely can be just for you, your own little secret. This is why I think they are so important for your own emotional health and wellbeing, the biggest secret as it were, is that they can go with you anywhere. Just thinking about being in your happy place or that one awe moment can reduce anxiety or stress, help you to realign and be able to get through those tricky moments we all experience throughout our normal day and routines. Just one deep breath and a single thought is enough, but if you need longer, go for it.

If you are panicking and thinking oh my goodness, I don’t have a happy place and what the hell are you talking about ‘awe’ moments for? I don’t get it? Then firstly, well done for actually reading the whole of this blog post without giving up because you don’t get it! and secondly, please don’t make it complicated for yourself.

If happy places and awe moments aren’t your thing then just think about what gives you a sense of calm and safety. Everyone is different, you just need to tune in to what yours is and use it to your advantage. If you’ve never really thought about it before then use how ever long you need to explore yourself, that in itself can be therapeutic! just don’t turn it into a worry and over think it. Keep it simple. Look for the small things in life that make you happy and go from there. If it’s that first cup of tea of the day or watching your favourite sitcom, soap or reality TV show that’s great. Just realising and telling yourself that you love these moments is the start, bringing you to the present moment and that is all you need to build on. Take a photo on your phone if you need to, it will help you to remember how it makes you feel when you need it if you struggle with this. Do what ever works for you. There is no wrong, only what’s right for you.


I’ll leave you there.

My happy place is calling.

Peace and love people!


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